Large garden plant troughs

Large garden plant troughs

Large garden plant troughs

As I'm looking for ideas for large garden plant troughs to hold loads of garden plants that I want to harvest, I am inspired by Artesania. He creates huge plant pots from recycled plastic bottles and the results are stunning. I recently saw these incredible garden plant troughs and I want to give them a try myself. My garden is quite big and I can imagine making this big as a planter for a whole bed (2m x 2m) of plants or even for a whole garden (2.5ha x 2.5ha). Please consider yourself inspired!

Garden Plant Troughs - DIY or Buy

Artesania's nice post says that you can make them yourself with the typical gardening tools. But I can't say that this is true for me. My first try was when I started this project, and I didn't have a garden nor the tools needed. I bought a plastic bottle on ebay and I cut it up with my jig saw.

If you'd like to learn more about how to make one, just do a google search for 'top plastic bottle jigsaws' or whatever you want. You'll find dozens of tutorials to make it really fast.

My first version was great - and it served me for quite a while. But it was pretty difficult to use it and it fell apart. It's really expensive to buy 2 meters of plastic bottles to make one - and I don't want to just throw it away after one year. I wasn't able to get hold of the tools needed so I bought a ready-to-go one. Now the initial learning curve was probably much higher, but it works great!

I bought a garden plant trough planter trough on ebay for 10€. I saw something similar for 60€ but with plastic and it seemed really heavy - that's why I bought the one from ebay. It has a removable top and you can actually put soil in it, so it's good for the winter as well. It also has a drainage system.

My quick and dirty tutorial on how to make a garden plant trough:


- 2m of fencing plastic -

- 2 plastic bottles -

- the garden plant trough on ebay

And a quick overview of what you can do with it:

- grow plants directly into the trough -

- grow plants in pots into the trough -

- you can put a pot of soil into the trough -

- you can make the trough fill up with water and keep it in the garden until you empty it -

- you can put some plant food into the trough.

I suggest you follow these steps to make a planter of your own. I'm gonna give you a small overview of what you can do:

- Cut 2m of fencing plastic in small pieces. - Cut off the upper part with the plastic bottle. This way you can make a drainage channel. The plastic should be at least 3mm thick to keep out insects. - Cut 2 pieces of plastic 1m big. This way you can make some little holes to let the water escape and the water can get into the plastic bottles. They should be around 2cm wide.

This is the kind of product I bought and you can see on the right side of the photo how it looks like.

- You can put a hole on top. You can use it for hanging things in or you can use it to create water-circulation.

I've tested it with a few containers of soil and it works really well. Just make sure that you put the hole on the side and don't make it too wide or else the soil will go through and you'll get less plants. Also make sure that you put a big drop of water on the soil and then on the hole you can plug the hole with soil (don't put too much though).

To add some more soil you can cut a strip of plastic or a pot/tube and put it in the hole. Then you can add the soil on top of it.

You can grow lots of different things in it. I just thought of a few ideas to get you started:

- Grow plants directly into the trough. It's a good place for peas and beans because you can get more water into them than on the soil surface. If you put the containers in the hole and the plant grows a little bit on the top, then it doesn't make the water go through the hole. - Grow plants in pots into the trough. Pots are a good place for some of the plants you want to harvest, such as strawberries. If you have a spring system like the one I have, you can move the soil in pots to where the plants grow. Just make sure that you don't put too much in it. If you move too much soil in the container, it will make the pot much more water. Just make sure that it stays close to the original volume of the container. - You can put a pot of soil into the trough. Just take a container and fill it with soil. And then put a lot of soil on top of the planter.

This is my planter that I'm using right now. It's really handy for me because I don't have to dig the plants and put them in the soil. Just put some small pots on top of it and water them. Then when they are full