Information About Coprosma Plants

Information About Coprosma Plants

Caring For Marble Queen Plants – Learn How To Grow A Marble Queen Plant

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Coprosma "Marble Queen" is a striking evergreen shrub that displays shiny green leaves marbled with splashes of creamy white. Interested in growing Coprosma "Marble Queen" in your garden? Click this article to learn more about its care.

Plant thickly is the rule. Lizards need safe habitats to run to when cats are on the prowl. That means thick ground-cover, vines and dense plant growth on banks.

Berry or nectar producing plant species are good, especially native divaricating shrubs, and if you have a range of plants the lizards will have plenty to eat, all year round.

Coprosma species and kawakawa provide fruit and flax, while mānuka and rātā give nectar.

Ferns, tussock grasses and rengarenga provide thick ground cover and attract insects for the lizards to eat. Plants like speargrass and the shrubby tororaro offer protection from predators.

Vines like New Zealand clematis and climbing rata connect habitats, and cabbage trees form in clumps for good cover.

A local nursery should have a range of plants native to your area and if you grow organically or limit the sprays you use, your lizards will do very well indeed.

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