Video about vervain. Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we will prepare for the vervain landing.

The seeds are supplied to various retail chains. Verbena ampelous blue, for example. The ampel can also be taken in the mixture, this is if you are planting only for yourself, and you do not care what color it will be. You can take ampelous pink, but there are ordinary bush vervains, also of any color, very different. There are also mixtures.


The white water lily plant is actively used in folk medicine. Infusion of flowers is used to quench thirst, as a sedative and antipyretic effective remedy. An aqueous infusion of these flowers is used for insomnia as a sleeping pill and sedative.

Medicines from the rhizomes and roots of the plant help to reduce inflammation of the skin, while when crushed they are used as mustard plasters.

If you add white water lily leaves to the roots of the plant, this decoction will help with constipation and jaundice. The roots, boiled in wort, are consumed by lactating women, thereby increasing the amount of milk.

An alcoholic tincture made from leaves is drunk with urolithiasis. In case of hair loss, it is recommended to wash your hair with a decoction of the plant roots.

The infusion, which is prepared from the flowers of this medicinal plant, is used for baths and washing, in addition to relieving pain as an external remedy.

Dry rhizomes can be ground into flour and baked with it.

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